The Birches is committed to providing for your well-being on all levels. This means you will always have your choice of fine services and activities, not only for your physical and nutritional needs, but for your social, educational, and cultural desires as well. At The Birches, your active lifestyle is far from over. You may even find yourself doing more than ever before.

Birches' Culture

When you join The Birches, as a resident, team member, or family member, you are joining a community focused on the Successful Aging Lifestyle. Our members are encouraged and supported to take action against physical and mental decline regardless of their age, ability, or cognition level. We focus on ability-centered and person-centered care throughout our entire community to support our members' personal Successful Aging journey.

Inspired by the 10-year MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging, with landmark research conducted by the Mayo Clinic, this acclaimed initiative has transformed thinking about retirement years, and The Birches chooses to engrain the findings of this positive research into our foundational beliefs that you can continue to grow regardless of your age and physical ability. "Someday" can be every day at The Birches because we know, based on research, that 70% of the way we age is due to Lifestyle Choices.

All too often we hear...

  • Someday, I'll pick up my watercolors again.
  • Someday, I'll start eating better and exercise.
  • At my age, why start now?
  • I'm too old to do that

The point is, based on research, at The Birches, we know...

  • YOU CAN build muscle strength and improve your balance, even in your 90's!
  • YOU CAN feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and joyful!
  • YOU CAN effectively help prevent or slow down the 12 biggest risk factors of aging
  • YOU CAN live with a renewed sense of purpose and contribution

Montessori Inspired Lifestyle Approach

"Everything you do for me you take from me."

These are the words of Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female physician and the genius who revolutionized education worldwide with her innovative approach to teaching children. To what she was referring was the importance of providing the right tools and the right environment for children so that they could become independent learners.

Nearly three quarters of a century later, geropsychologist, Cameron Camp, Ph.D., realized that Montessori’s methods held great potential in providing quality of life to persons with dementia as well as all seniors. Through his diligent work and that of his colleagues at the Center for Applied Research in Dementia (CARD), Maria Montessori’s principles for education have been adapted, tested, and subsequently implemented in senior living communities around the globe. But only the most seriously committed senior living organizations have taken the additional steps to become a Montessori Inspired Lifestyle credentialed community, and The Birches is proud to be a part of this elite group.

An important foundational aspect of the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle, is to show a deep respect for seniors at all levels of care by giving them a voice and empowering them to be as independent as possible by supporting their choice. From that foundation, we support our members by applying the Montessori Principles throughout our day such as focusing on choice, abilities, interests, and resident-driven decisions.