8 Ways to Spruce Up for Spring

Written by MaryBeth Beatty, sales and marketing director for The Birches

Spring is upon us…. and if you’re like me, it feels like a much-needed fresh beginning. Mother Nature shows us her magic with trees budding a beautiful green, flowers blossoming with the surprise of what’s inside, along with the delightful scents of the season. Let’s follow Mother Nature’s lead, and spruce up our homes after a long, dreary winter!

Sprucing up for spring doesn’t require a lot of money. It will, however, require some work and a fresh perspective. Small changes can make a big difference. Here are eight tips to help you get started:

#1 No matter the size of your home, take it one room at a time. Start in the rooms that you utilize the most. This will help you to stay motivated and energized.

#2 Start by decluttering. It can be tedious, but it’s amazing how big of an impact this will make. We have been hibernating all winter, collecting and storing items here and there, including on our kitchen counter tops, night stands and table tops. If you see stacks of papers here and books over there, start clearing the way.

#3 If you’re in a small space, find decorative storage. Look for something that can double as a piece of furniture. Clean and tidy is our goal. When our home is tidy, it actually has a lighter feel.

#4 Clean from top to bottom, celling to floor. Not only will your home smell fresh, it will feel great, and a bit healthier once you get rid of those dust bunnies. Your home has been closed up for months, it’s good to wipe everything down.

#5 Brighten up your space. Look around…do you have you enough lighting? Lighting has such a dramatic effect on our space. Let’s make it feel bright, airy and cozy. If you already have a variety of light sources in your home, consider swapping out a few of your lamp shades for the season. (I’ve been lucky enough to find brand new, still in wrapper shades at Goodwill)

#6 Pack away all of your flannel sheets, thermal blankets, throws and heavy drapes. Light, airy sheers or a bright floral print curtain will help bring natural light in. Or maybe opt for soft-colored sheets and a quilt to transform your bedroom into your safe haven. A few bright, decorative pillows and throws will also go a long way in your sitting room to keep it cozy and fresh. One of the best things about spring linens is you can line dry them in the fresh breeze.

#7 Don’t forget the bathroom. Try replacing your shower curtain with a simple, soft color. Lavender or a soft green helps bring the outdoor colors in. Add a scented sachet along with a small plant (the humidity will help it grow) for a calm and serene feel.

#8 Get some greenery. I saved the best for last—fresh flowers. This is my favorite way to feel good instantly. When we place fresh flowers around our home, we are truly tapping into our senses. Who doesn’t smile or feel good when they walk into a room with the beautiful scent or vibrant color of a bouquet of flowers? Lilac bushes are my favorite. As soon as I smell lilacs, I know spring has truly arrived. Clip a few sprigs, and place them in mason jars around your home. The scent is intoxicating. If flowers aren’t your thing, try plants. Green of any kind helps the air in your home and brings the outside in.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful. No matter what, make sure that you get out and smell the beautiful scents of spring. Enjoy!

On March 20 at 3:30 pm, we’re hosting “Spruce Up for Spring” with professional organizer Holly on The Spot. The presentation is for residents and their family members, so if your loved one lives at The Birches, stop by and join us!