Masterpiece Living at Home: Starting a Successful Aging Practice

Written by Jenny Smiechowski, staff writer for The Birches

There’s one thing you need to remember above all else if you want to stay healthy and happy as you get older— how you age is based more on lifestyle than genetics.

The MacArthur Foundation proved this fact more than 20 years ago when their 10-year study of aging in America determined that 70 percent of physical aging and 50 percent of mental aging is determined by your lifestyle.

More specifically, the MacArthur Foundation’s research found that if you want to age well, you have to make wise lifestyle choices in four key areas: socialization, physical activity, intellectual stimulation and spiritual fulfillment.

Shortly after the MacArthur Foundation’s study, Dr. Roger Landry founded the successful aging organization Masterpiece Living, hoping to share this eye-opening research with as many people as possible. Today, Masterpiece Living works with over 75 senior living communities doing just that —sharing this secret to successful aging with older adults and senior living professionals across the country.

As a Masterpiece Living partner community, The Birches Assisted Living encourages residents and team members to stay socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually engaged daily. But every year, we spend the month of February hitting the refresh button on our social, physical, intellectual and spiritual habits through the “Living It” campaign. The “Living It” campaign is all about trying new things so you can grow in these four areas that are critical to your health and happiness as you age. And this year, we’d like to invite you to join us!

As Birches residents and team members explore new ways to stay stimulated socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually, we’d like to share tips, resources and guidance that will make it easier for you to stay stimulated in these areas too through a new blog series called “Masterpiece Living at Home.”

This year’s “Living It” theme is “Cultivating Connections,” so we’ve kicked off our “Masterpiece Living at Home” series with a post on forging deeper connections with the people around you. Check out that post for creative and surprising ways to stay social this month and beyond. You can also visit the Masterpiece Living website to learn more about the successful aging movement.

Once “Living It” is over, we hope you’ll continue your successful aging practice, as we continue sharing successful aging tips, insight and guidance regularly on our blog. Stay tuned for more “Masterpiece Living at Home” blog posts!