Reflections on Our Journey: Change and Forgiveness

Written by Byron Murgatroyd, Birches resident and retired banker from Orland State Bank

Transform, transfigure, transfiguration are words that cannot change. They are used in religious, spiritual, mental and physical ways. In their broadest scope, they mean outward physical change, or a change to personality or character.

Of course, change is the key word. No matter how old we are, we change. There is no such thing as standing still as a human being. Any rational person wants to change for the better. We try various ways and methods, including those of us with addictions of one sort or another.

The State of Illinois, in its municipal court system, has produced a list of many different kinds of 12 step programs. As a matter of fact, they ask people convicted of drinking while driving to attend meetings, and to get their attendance in proof by way of a signature from the presider of the meeting.

The judges know that attendance at these meetings exposes the person to certain steps that help with sobriety. After sobriety, the main purpose is change. The latter occurs when one gives of oneself. Giving of oneself usually requires forgiveness. However, this is a very narrow example of this term.

Yours truly, grew up as an only child, and self-centeredness came with all my early life. People did things for me, with no appreciation on my part. My entry into the U.S. Navy started to change all that. Extra duty came with my selfishness. Honesty and humility became words familiar to me (but not much in practice). It was the beginning of a long learning process.

Stay tuned for more reflections from Byron on this journey we call life!