Success Stories - Assisted Living

Birches' Senior Bloggers Start Assisted Living Advice Column

You’ve heard of “Dear Abby.” But how about “Dear Bob and Charlotte”?

Since seniors and their families have so many questions about assisted living, The Birches has recruited two residents, Bob Kleinfelder and Charlotte Lillquist, to write a monthly advice column answering these questions on our blog.

The questions will primarily come from seniors at nearby senior centers who are curious about assisted living. Bob and Charlotte will each write one blog post per month answering a question from a local senior or other people with questions about assisted living.

“Being at The Birches, I think I have accumulated some knowledge and insight into senior living. I hope I can relay to people what it’s like to live in a community like this,” said Bob.

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An Insightful Lob By Bob: My First Year In Assisted Living

“Bob, you’ll be going to an assisted living residence in two weeks. Please select the one you like best.” Assisted what? I asked myself. This was the directive from the rehab location where I stayed for over two months after my fall. I received excellent treatment there, and I am most appreciative of it. But now I’m going on to where?

At the time, I was wheelchair-bound, so my son and his wife explored a number of assisted living communities in Chicago’s southwest suburbs and selected one they considered best. I was immediately given a tour and was certain they had made the right choice. On January 31, 2016, I dutifully moved into The Birches in Clarendon Hills and quickly discovered just what “assisted living” really means.

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If you are in search of assisted living care in a secure, cozy, family-like atmosphere where you can live as independent a lifestyle as possible, then call us today and find out why The Birches is What You’ve Been Looking For...