Members, Friends, and Neighbors

The past year have been quite the emotional roller-coaster for our residents, their families, and our team members and their families. During these difficult and unprecedented times, we are fortunate to have the great team we do to care and protect our older adults. It has been hard on all of us, but it is inspiring to see the dedication, passion, and above all else, the strength of our team to fight the COVID19 fight with us each day.

In an effort to be transparent, but not overwhelming, we have posted all the key messages below for our members, friends, and neighbors so you can keep up to date with us here at The Birches. We will also make every effort to answer questions as they come in as well. In a time where there are more questions than answers, we are doing our best to protect the population we serve.

Take care of yourself, be cautious, and we will continue to get through this together. One day at a time.

Jacqueline Sander
Executive Director

COVID-19 Cases (as of 11/27/20)

35 Resident Cases:

  • 8 of which are new from testing 11/24; they started isolation and residents/families have been notified
  • 8 recovered (meaning they are off of isolation)
  • 19 residents that were already on isolation may be ending their isolation later next week

19 Team Member Cases:

  • 4 new cases from testing 11/23
  • 6 recovered and are back on the schedule
  • 9 team members should hopefully be back soon.

Announcements to Members

  • Currently The Birches is in Tier 1 DuPage County Mitigation based on regional data, and Phase 1 of Long-Term Care Guidance set by our licensing agency, IDPH.
  • If you are a resident, family member, or team member and you haven't received our updates, please leave your updated email address with our Front Desk, or fill out our website form, so we can update our files.

Visitation & Screening Tool

  • Limited visitation is available for compassionate care visits at this time, approved only on a case by case basis.
  • All Visitors are required to self-screen at home prior to their visit using our Birches' screening tool, and attest in writing upon visiting The Birches' that they meet our requirements. All visitors must leave a contact number in case of contact tracing.
  • If you've recently visited The Birches, and you develop symptoms or concerns related to COVID-19, please immediately call one of our nurses here at The Birches' so we can quickly assess and protect our residents and team members.
  • Our policies are subject to change as we learn best practices and/or receive updates or guidance from our State licensing agency. We will continue to post essential policies related to COVID19 here on our website.


  • Each day our policies and procedures are adjusted to minimize the exposure risk to our residents and team members during this time, however, it is important to our community to continue to be flexible and support the older adults that need a supportive environment and the quality services we have been providing the past 20+ years here at The Birches.
  • If you are interested in learning more about our community, please call us here at The Birches or fill out our website form so we can personalize a plan to support you and your family during these times.

Stay Healthy with Us


Here is how we Shelter-In-Place at The Birches:

Take DEEP Breaths: This helps to relieve stress and helps to keep our lungs strong. Set of 5. Repeat every hour. This is extremely important if you have tested positive for COVID-19 regardless of age or ability.

Eat Well: Even if you are not feeling hungry, eat something! Nutrition is so important to keep our energy up and helps our body fight off illness.

Stay Hydrated: Drink 1 glass (or more) of water every 2 hours & a cup of tea with honey or juice the other hour.

Keep Moving: You MUST keep moving. Walk, stretch, leg lifts, arm raises ~ Safely move EVERY hour for 10—15 minutes.

Rest: Get plenty of rest, rejuvenate your body & mind.

Socialize: Call family, friends or call The Birches! It is so important to stay connected, this helps our mind & spirit.