Members, Friends, and Neighbors

In an effort to be transparent, but not overwhelming, we have posted all the key messages below for our members, friends, and neighbors so you can keep up to date with us here at The Birches. We will also make every effort to answer questions as they come in as well. In a time where there are more questions than answers, we will continue to take it one day at a time together.

Jacqueline Sander
Executive Director

COVID-19 Cases (as of 08/10/21)

No concerns or cases at this time.

Our residents are 98% vaccinated, and Team Members are 92% vaccinated, and The Birches' initiated a vaccine mandate for team members. Team members continue to be tested according to the Guidelines, residents are continuously monitored, we have enough PPE, and additional staffing measures are in place. As the case count continues to decline in our region, we are thankful and proud of our team’s unwavering support for our seniors and their families. Accommodations are in place for those that aren't safely able to wear a mask.

Visitation Guidelines as of 08/10/21

All Visitors are required to self-screen at home prior to their visit using our Birches' screening tool, and attest in writing upon visiting The Birches' that they meet our requirements. All visitors must leave a contact number in case of contact tracing.

The below is the summary of the NEW IDPH guidelines as of 08/06/21 in place, and our Visitation Fact Sheet that gives all the details at this time within the new guidelines (when applicable) related to our small community (NOTE: These guidelines apply to all Long Term Care Facilities which includes assisted living, skilled nursing, and supportive living communities in Illinois):

MASKS are required for all team members and visitors. We require 3-ply medical grade masks, and have some available at our front desk if needed. NOTE: all residents are required to wear a mask in common areas, activities, encouraged during direct care, and when not eating/drinking in common spaces regardless of vaccination status. Accommodations are in place for those that aren't safely able to wear a mask.

INDOOR VISITATION: Visitation is available for guests of residents with no limitation to length of time. All indoor visits must be in the resident apartment or outdoors. All visitors must be the ages 12 and older to enter indoors at this time except for approved compassionate care situations. Masks are required at all times during the visit regardless of vaccination status.

OUTDOOR VISITATION: Visitation outdoors is highly encouraged all the time. No age limit or time limit, but masks are required. Visitors must socially distance from those outside of their group.

WINDOW BOOTH VISITS: The Birches has created a Luxury Winter Window Visiting space for our family members to see their loved ones comfortably during this season (shown in the photo above!) Book as often and as frequent as you'd like! The more our seniors see their friends and family, safely, the merrier! See our Visitation Fact Sheet listed above for more specifics.

ESSENTIAL DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS: No quarantine upon return to Birches regardless of vaccination status


  • All move-ins and residents returning from an overnight stay: Required 14 day isolation regardless of vaccination status (Birches will also test on Day 7 but quarantine remains)
  • Individual was recently COVID19 positive within 90 days: No quarantine upon return

NON-ESSENTIAL TRIPS OUTSIDE BIRCHES (i.e. shopping, restaurants, family visits, etc.):

  • Vaccinated residents: No quarantine upon return but strongly encouraged to do so for the safety of your neighbors. NOTE: The Birches highly encourages our members to have outdoor visits and wear masks at all times when not eating or drinking (regardless of vaccination status)
  • Non-Vaccinated residents: 14 days isolation with minimal PPE charge due to use of emergency supply
  • Individual was recently COVID19 positive within 90 days: No quarantine upon return

Our policies are subject to change as we learn best practices and/or receive updates or guidance from our State licensing agency. We will continue to post essential policies related to COVID19 here on our website. All of the above visitation guidelines are subject to change if there is a concern or case within the community or the Region is forced into Tiered Mitigation.

Should we have a concern or case, all visitation, activities, and dining is suspended until we are 14 days with no new cases or concerns validated by testing residents and team members every 3-7 days per the guidelines. Once we are 14 days free of no new cases or concerns, the above visitation guidelines resume along with all recommended infection control mitigation strategies set by the CDC.