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We have another COVID19 Booster Clinic scheduled for residents and team members.

Jacqueline M. Sander

Jacqueline M. Sander

Jacqueline Sander is the Executive Director & Partner of The Birches Assisted Living. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Administration from NIU, which helped her skillfully guide The Birches community through the extreme times of the pandemic. Jacqueline is passionate about keeping up with various industry trends, advocating for and applying best practices in senior living as an active LeadingAge Assisted Living Cabinet member. She values providing an atmosphere of growth and opportunity for all individuals regardless of age or ability, being a preferred provider of quality care, and putting The Birches at the forefront of industry trends. She is proud of helping The Birches become the first certified Montessori Inspired Lifestyle community in Illinois and being an active Chamber Board Member to support small businesses and help them thrive.

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Those who are 65 and older or are a healthcare professional are eligible to receive a Booster shot if their 2-dose series was at least 6 months ago. We will be offering the Pfizer and Moderna Boosters at this Clinic.

Those who are interested in receiving a COVID19 Booster Shot, please do the following:

  • Fill out the attached fillable consent form by Jewel Osco

  • Attach a copy of your insurance card (if appl.)

  • Turn in completed forms to our Front Desk no later than November 8th

  • The scheduled clinic date to receive a Booster shot is November 11th 2-4pm.

  • We will continue to offer Booster Clinics on a monthly basis as long as there is enough interest to have a clinic onsite.

A reminder if you have already received the Booster or if you take your loved one out to receive a COVID19 Booster or an Influenza vaccination, please let one of our nurses know so we can record it in our charts and monitor for symptoms. If you would like your original COVID19 vaccination card, please email me at and we will leave it for you at the front desk.


Our flu-vaccination clinics went well for team members and residents. Flu Season is here, and it runs up and through March. Continue to follow all the infection procedures you already know best while visiting here, and reschedule your visit if you cannot pass our Screening Questionnaire to limit any potential spread.

GUIDELINES: We have received the updated version of the new State Guidelines related to COVID-19. We have adjusted our policies on our Visitation Fact Sheet to include some of the small changes. Primarily, the updates revolve around Trips Outside Birches for less than 24 hours, and Trips Outside Birches for more than 24 hours according to vaccination status.

We feel the recent guidelines will be in place for a long while. So as you prepare for the holidays, this is the guideline we will be following as a community. Questions, we are here to help.

You may also see that our team is wearing goggles in common areas. This is because, according to the new guidelines, if our County is in "substantial-to-high" transmission we have to wear goggles and a mask. When the transmission level moves to "medium-to-low" we are able to take the goggles off. We monitor this here according to the CDC|Illinois|17043|Risk|community_transmission_level

Thank you for your confidence in our community. We love what we do, and we're privileged to have your support. We will continue to keep you posted as we receive new updates.

Jackie Sander

Executive Director, Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care