Assisted Living & Memory Care: Senior Living in La Grange, IL

Senior living is about more than just a space for people to spend their time. Truly exceptional senior living is built on a strong, active, and engaged community. 

At the Birches, our residents are our top priority. They help to make all kinds of decisions, from plans for meals to the type of programming we offer each day. We’re a Montessori Inspired Lifestyle credentialed community. That means we’re dedicated to giving our residents a voice and empowering them to be as independent as possible.

We’re proud of our low staff turnover, commitment to high staffing levels, and high ratio of staff to residents. These advantages mean we provide the care and support needed to create a truly thriving community.

Learn More About Senior Living In and Around La Grange

Trying to decide if assisted living or memory care is right for you or your loved one? We’re happy to talk about everything from pricing to the particulars of our apartments and shared living spaces. Get in touch to schedule a tour or learn more.

Looking for Senior Living Communities in La Grange, IL?

Our community is just minutes away from La Grange in nearby Clarendon Hills. As you consider facilities in La Grange, make sure you think about options in nearby towns as well. 

The Birches offers assisted living and memory care facilities. We value our residents and encourage them to be active members of their community. 

We’re quickly accessible from Chicagoland and easily within a few hours’ drive of northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin. Your visits will provide another layer of support and affection for your loved one, making their experience even more enriching.

Assisted Living in La Grange, IL

Our assisted living community encourages residents to engage, participate, learn, do, and grow. At the same time, we recognize the value of resting, relaxing, and taking it easy. That’s true whether it means some alone time or a casual hang-out with friends.

Our combination of private and communal spaces offers something for everyone. The mix of privacy, community, and choice that our community offers is foundational to the positive experiences of our residents.

Our residents enjoy a wide variety of clubs, activities, and programming. There are opportunities to engage in a well-loved hobby and find a new passion as well. Meanwhile, our diverse range of services offers individualized support and attention.

Memory Care in La Grange, IL

Exceptional memory care communities offer a mix of structure and independence that fully support their residents. 

Highlights of our memory care community include 12 hours of specialized programming each day and an 8-to-1 resident-to-staff ratio. Careful monitoring of entrances and exits helps us provide freedom to our residents while also keeping them safe.

We’re committed to helping residents with issues like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia live enriching and satisfying lives.

Our memory care neighborhood is a comfortable, encouraging space designed for socialization, activity, and fun experiences. Our memory care environment is also carefully designed to reduce confusion and frustration. That means more time spent enjoying each day.

Discover our Senior Living Community

We’re happy to answer questions and discuss our services and prices in detail. We’re eager to share any information that can help you make a more informed decision. Get in touch with us to learn more!