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Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care Needs Match

Before a senior moves into Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care, our staff thoroughly assesses the potential resident's cognitive, physical health, and goals.

It's important to note that while doctor's notes are essential for documenting a senior's medical history, we do not solely rely on this information for admission purposes.

As part of our admissions process at Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care, we try to have our director of nursing  meet with each prospective resident. We may also communicate with family members, caregivers, and therapy partners to thoroughly evaluate how the prospect performs their activities of daily living (ADLs) and any assistance they may need to complete these tasks. 

We will look at the possible need for assistive devices, monitoring of chronic illnesses, special dietary requirements, medication management, assistance with bathing and dressing, ways we can adapt the prospects' apartment prior to a move to make them more successful, and other essential needs to make an initial move-in set up for success.

Our assessment determines the care required, the services we can provide, and the costs associated with those needs. We will then use the assessment to develop an individualized, structured service plan.

While some assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes may not use such a detailed evaluation process, we have found that conducting this assessment sets up our potential resident for the best success upon move-in. This process also more accurately determines the monthly fee so there are no hidden costs.

New Resident Care Assessment- General Criteria

Mobility - PURPOSE: This helps our team evaluate which apartment layout is the best fit, which services (Dressing, Toileting, Transferring, Eating, etc.) our team can help with, and if therapy is recommended upon move-in
Awareness and Orientation-  PURPOSE: This helps us evaluate if Assisted Living or Memory Care would be the best environment to set up the individual for success upon move-in, and/or if our licensed nurses need to assist with medications
Wish List -What is something you are missing that you wish you had in your next home? PURPOSE- The more we know the merrier prior to a move-in so we can make sure to check off items on your wish list such as more socialization, clubs, adaptability of your space, equipment needed, reminders, communication, etc.

Selecting the right home for your senior family member begins with a proper resident assessment. We encourage family members to attend the resident evaluation to better understand how our community can support you best.  We believe this knowledge will assist in future care decisions as the resident's abilities and needs change.

Ongoing Evaluations

Needs assessments are essential for seniors, whether living at home or moving into senior housing, to continually assess the services required for their care and flexibility to adapt as those needs change. We encourage family caregiver involvement in ongoing evaluations while visiting with their loved one and communicating with our team so we can quickly adapt and enhance our approach to meet their needs and wishes. 

Residency Requirements in Assisted Living

You may find that each Assisted Living is slightly different in how they approach care and needs.  However, all Assisted Livings operate under the same licensure requirements through Illinois Department of Public Health.  This can be overwhelming to navigate when finding the right home for your loved one.  With our experienced long-tenured team, we are open and honest on whether or not our home could be the right environment for your loved one. It is important to us that they are set up for success and enjoy their next home.  If your loved one's needs do not qualify under the Assisted Living regulations through Illinois, for any community, we will navigate you to the appropriate setting and explain why.  

If you have any questions call us at 630-789-1135. We are here to help.