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A New Christmas Tradition

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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The Birches Gingerbread House

Diana Subacius, Dining Services Director at The Birches

I noticed that building and decorating gingerbread houses is one of the prettiest Christmas traditions that many American families have. Once my son was born, I started building our own family gingerbread house. 

I loved the whole process of baking, getting creative and excited before Christmas. I have been working at the Birches for many years. I always dreamed of building the Birches gingerbread house for Christmas but never was brave enough to sign up for the project. 

After talking to the Birches team and getting positive feedback, I decided that we will try building the Birches gingerbread house this year! 

The Birches gingerbread house is one of the ways that I wanted to bring joy to our big family. The Birches is home to so many people, residents, and employees. Through happy and challenging times, The Birches gingerbread house symbolizes what a loving place our community has been.

With the support of Dan, our Facility Operations Director, we located the Birches blueprints, and we put our ideas into action. Irina Genenko, one of our talented chefs with the most positive outlook to try new things, helped me with the design, built the structure, and added the most festive decorations to make this a fun display for our members to enjoy.