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Assisted Living Defined

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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Assisted Living Defined (1)

Senior living environments have come a long way from the “nursing homes” or “old folks homes” that often come to mind when the topic of assisted living comes up.  The best assisted living communities are comfortable environments that have care on-hand so members can live fulfilling and independent lives, without the worries of managing at home. When trying to figure out “What is assisted living?” take a look at what to expect from the best. 

What is assisted living? Caring! 

A move to assisted living is often predicated on the need for ongoing care or occupational support. Although many elders do get help from family, it can often become difficult to sustain when caregivers also have work, families and other responsibilities. That’s when assisted living really shines because daily assistance is the cornerstone of the support system that enables members to live life on their terms, knowing that they are not a burden.  

At The Birches we have raised the bar by creating an environment where every member’s unique needs are defined and routinely reassessed so they receive exactly the care and support they need when they need it. No task is too large or too small and our team members always deliver help with respect and compassion. For a more in-depth look at what to expect read our blog,Should You Search for Assisted or Nursing Home?

What is assisted living? Enriching! 

Getting older doesn’t mean elders shouldn’t actively participate in life. Instead, it should be a time for expanding knowledge, focusing on the positive, making new friends, and forging new relationships. While “enrichment” means different things to different people, at The Birches we make Life Enrichment a central theme that all members can embrace. Our structured programs offer members ways to support physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being that keeps them at the top of their game and feeling their best.  

When pondering “what is assisted living?” consider what The Birches has to offer including exercise classes, movie night, Happy Hour, diverse clubs and committees, math bingo, TED Talks, meditation classes, art therapy, faith-based activities, and more! Take a look at how we embrace aging in our blog, Positive Thinking and Aging - A Shift in Your Mindset.”

What is assisted living? Professional! 

As the first and only certified Montessori Inspired Lifestyle community in Illinois, The Birches, has attained the highest level of professionalism. As described in our Assisted Living Services” section, unlike many assisted living communities where good is good enough, at The Birches our team exceeds minimum training requirements, we have licensed nurses onsite seven days a week, and a geriatric specialist holds office hours onsite twice each week. In the event a member prefers to work with a home health agency we welcome them. We also collaborate with a full-time, on-site team that provides physical, occupational and speech therapy that complement our exercise options and are especially important for recovery and rehabilitation.  

What is assisted living? Nutritious, delicious and fun! 

Eating isn’t just a requirement for life. At The Birches it’s a daily celebration of wonderful food and friendships. Our culinary services ensure that every meal is chef-prepared for taste, appeal and nutrition. And as noted in our blog, “We empower our residents to provide feedback on the meals we serve,” we even have a member’s Culinary Dining Committee that meets monthly to discuss new menu options and offerings. Whether that means fried baloney sandwiches or grandma’s homemade vegetable soup, our members know we truly want their input. In addition, we host occasional social hours where members enjoy a glass of wine or beer and can relax in the company of friends, share laughs and embrace a spirit of camaraderie.  

What is assisted living? Private - but safe and accessible! 

One of the greatest fears many elders have about assisted living is that they will have to give up their privacy in order to receive the care they need. But nothing could be further from the truth! The Birches is special in that it offers nine different apartment floor plans from studio to one- and two- bedroom styles and each is equipped with large ergonomic keys and deadbolt locks. In addition, safety and accessibility features include wide doorways, lever handles on faucets and doors, low-pile carpet, easy-to-reach outlets and light switches, large bathrooms with raised toilets, grab bars, emergency call buttons, walk-in showers with adjustable shower heads, and convertible vanity sinks. We even offer and install wireless doorbells to go the extra mile to ensure privacy. Everything we do is designed to improve quality of life without sacrificing our member’s privacy or safety. 

At The Birches our answer to “What is assisted living?” is a warm and friendly lifestyle that enables independence and fulfillment rather than posing limitations. To find out more about all we have to offer contact us and schedule a tour. 

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