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Christmas In Old New Mexico

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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Residents create beautiful Mosaic pieces of art.

Encore’s resident artists Bea Balasko, Anita Fanter, Frances Graham, Ruth Hanson, Alma Hedberg, Lillian Karasek, Lillian Lasek, Mary Mayham, Dee Mazzarella, Loretta Palekas, Patricia Taylor, and Sis Walles created Christmas art inspired by the mosaic crosses and intricate artwork found in New Mexico’s Spanish missions. 

Mosaics are a beautiful art form in which a surface is decorated with an assemblage of small, individual pieces of colored glass or other available materials. Mosaics have been around since the 3rd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia, where they were made of natural materials like stones, shells, and ivory. 

Artists creatively arranged and glued various pasta noodles onto cardboard for this project. Later, each piece was finished by spray painting them with gold or silver to resemble antique crosses or other Spanish mission artwork. 

Our residents sure are having a lot of fun and keeping busy this holiday season!

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