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Common signs of memory loss.

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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Memory loss and dementia may begin slowly, or you may notice several abrupt changes. Each person’s journey will be different, but there are certain signs to watch for if you’re concerned that your loved one is experiencing memory loss. 

Some people experiencing memory loss will have frequent fluctuations in mood, or they may be extremely confused, often forgetting where they are or where they placed something only a moment ago. You may also see your loved one’s personal hygiene habits decline or their bills go unpaid. 

If you see some of these signs, it is critical that you contact your family physician for a physical and cognitive exam. If you find out that your loved one is experiencing dementia, it may be time to look for a supportive Memory Care community. 

Moving your loved one to a Memory Care community can truly help them live a full and enriching life. It can reduce their anxiety and stress since the Memory Care environment is specifically tailored for people living with memory loss. 

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