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Decorate Your Space: 5 Tips to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

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Decorate Your Space 5 Tips to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home  (1)

One of the most exciting aspects of a move to a senior living community is that it’s a new beginning: new friends, new surroundings, new things to do, and best of all, a new apartment to make your own. Before beginning, here are several expert tips to decorate a senior living apartment that will help make a home that is warm, comfy and uniquely yours! 

5 tips for decorating your senior living apartment 

Tip #1: Downsize your furniture to fit the space 

When preparing what furniture to bring to senior living, keep in mind that in general senior living apartments are smaller than family homes so plan to bring only that furniture that will fit. Using a floor plan of the new apartment, measure the furniture you would like to keep to ensure it will enhance the space, rather than overcrowd it. For example, choose a loveseat over a full-size couch and chairs that are smaller but still comfortable. In the bedroom, opt for a dresser with a smaller footprint so there is plenty of space to move around. For more tips on making the right furniture choices to decorate a senior living apartment, checkout the article, “How To Choose Furniture for Senior Citizens.” 

Tip #2: Embrace the benefits of color 

Color is one of the best tools to use to decorate a senior living apartment and one that can really make it fun. Start by choosing a color scheme, like those described in the article, “Color Schemes for Decorating” that run the gamut of colors and include paint, furniture, accents, and more. When using color to decorate a senior living apartment, keep in mind that lighter colors will make rooms feel brighter and larger than darker colors and are especially good in smaller rooms like kitchens and baths. If just a splash of color is desired try painting just one wall rather than an entire room so it becomes a focal point and adds to the overall color scheme.   

From another angle, color can also affect moods and feelings, which can be a big benefit throughout the transition to senior living. According to the article, “What Is Color Psychology?” color has long been known to affect the human brain and the use of colors is even used as a therapy to improve appetite and concentration and to treat migraine pain.  

Tip #3: Reflect on mirrors 

An easy trick to decorate a senior living apartment is to use mirrors. A few well-placed mirrors in a small apartment can serve to open up a room by reflecting light and giving the appearance of more space. Mirrors also come in thousands of sizes, shapes and frames and are suitable to decorate almost every room, even the smallest ones. Take a look at the article, “45+ Mirror Decoration Ideas to Brighten Your Home,“ for a wealth of ideas about how to brighten and decorate a senior living apartment with mirrors. 

Tip #4: Factor in nature 

Indoor plants are favorites of professional decorators because they are beautiful and unique, but indoor plants may also be good for health and well-being. According to the article, “Your Houseplants Have Some Powerful Health Benefits,” research has shown having houseplants may help reduce stress, improve attention, and even improve healing. Some plants, like those described in the article, “Best Houseplants for Purifying Indoor Air,” are also great at cleansing the air of gasses like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other pollutants like alcohols, benzene and acetone. Using plants to decorate a senior living apartment requires just a little care and attention but can fill an empty corner, brighten a shelf or even provide mini greens for salads. 

Tip #5: Maximize lighting 

Aging impacts eyesight in many ways, but one that should not be underestimated is the decline of the ability to absorb light, which makes it harder to see and to perceive depth. For that reason, lighting should be a primary concern in the plan to decorate a senior living apartment. According to the blog, “30 Lighting Tips for Seniors” there are plenty of ways to improve lighting from opening drapes during the day, to using higher watt light bulbs to adding lamps in dark spaces and work areas. Each can enhance the ambiance as well as the safety of a senior living apartment. 

At The Birches we know the importance of making a new home that fits each member’s style and our team stands ready to help. To find out more about all we have to offer contact us and schedule a tour. 

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