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Encore Residents Got Stronger and More Mobile in 2017

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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Residents in our memory care neighborhood Encore may deal with memory impairments, but that doesn’t mean their physical abilities aren’t up to par.

A recent mobility review in Encore showed that Encore residents are getting stronger and healthier in many ways.

Residents in our Encore and Assisted Living neighborhoods participate in mobility reviews every so often to see how their physical health, stamina, and mobility are changing. And it appears, Encore residents’ physical strength and abilities have changed mainly for the better over the past year.

Men in Encore have more overall mobility than they did a year ago, and as a result, they’re less at risk for falls—33 percent of men in Encore have a low fall risk, and 37 percent have a moderate fall risk. Considering 75 percent of men in other Masterpiece Living memory care and assisted living communities are at high fall risk, that’s pretty impressive!

The men of Encore also improved in the “8-Foot Up and Go,” a test that measures coordination and agility by asking residents to stand up from a sitting position, walk eight feet and then return to their chair. Within the last year, 33 percent of Encore’s men went from “below average” in the “8-Foot Up and Go” to “above average.” Way to go, guys!

Encore’s men also got better at the “Two-Minute March” test, where they march in place for two minutes to test aerobic endurance. Since last year, 67 percent of Encore men went from “below average” at the “Two-Minute March” to “average,” which means their aerobic endurance is heading in the right direction!

The women of Encore have had some impressive strength and mobility gains since last year. Encore women must have been doing more activities that build their biceps in the past year because 75 percent of them were “average” or “above average” at doing “Arm Curls.” Of course, Encore women saw significant gains in their lower body too.

They improved noticeably in the “30 Second Chair Stand,” which tests their leg strength and endurance. Last year, 67 percent of Encore women were “below average” at the “30 Second Chair Stand,” but this year, 50 percent of them are “average” or “above average.”

Now, Encore’s men and women saw improvements in many other areas too. The neighborhood got better at the functional reach, a test where they see how far they can reach forward. Close to 70 percent of Encore residents were “above average” in their reaching abilities and reached more than six inches ahead. That means, Encore residents aren’t only getting stronger, they’re getting more flexible too!

There’s a lot to celebrate in Encore this year, and hopefully, there will be even more strength and mobility to celebrate in 2018!