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Our Birches Beekeeping Club is back for the season!

Jacqueline M. Sander

Jacqueline M. Sander

Jacqueline Sander is the Executive Director & Partner of The Birches Assisted Living. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Administration from NIU, which helped her skillfully guide The Birches community through the extreme times of the pandemic. Jacqueline is passionate about keeping up with various industry trends, advocating for and applying best practices in senior living as an active LeadingAge Assisted Living Cabinet member. She values providing an atmosphere of growth and opportunity for all individuals regardless of age or ability, being a preferred provider of quality care, and putting The Birches at the forefront of industry trends. She is proud of helping The Birches become the first certified Montessori Inspired Lifestyle community in Illinois and being an active Chamber Board Member to support small businesses and help them thrive.

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279273411_10160187282174396_649098520191034359_nOur favorite members have arrived!

Shirley and Nancy didn't know they would be holding 10,000+ bees today or even in their lifetime! Our Birches Beekeeping Club is back for the season!

At Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care, we challenge ourselves to craft unique experiences for our residents. Our Beekeeping Club is a fun hobby that reaps sweet rewards.


There are many benefits to having hives, the most obvious of which is fresh honey, but bees also play an essential role in the pollination and fertilization of plants. This benefit has become especially important in the wake of colony collapse disorder (CCD). 

The Birches offers a full calendar of purposeful programs and activities to promote a healthy aging lifestyle and a strong sense of community.

For more information about Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care, call 630-789-1135 or contact us.