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Safety & Security: The Peace of Mind Senior Living Communities Provide

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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Safety & Security The Peace of Mind Senior Living Communities Provide  (1)

Senior living communities have come a long way toward understanding and meeting the needs of seniors who require daily assistance. Among the greatest changes are those that promote a sense of safety and security.   

Top senior living communities provide the basics like accessible spaces and bathroom aids, emergency call systems, around-the-clock care and measures to prevent wandering among memory care members. But at communities like The Birches the bar is set higher by providing features and services that make senior living safety and security a top priority. Take a look! 

Features and services that promote senior living safety and security 

Apartments designed for safety 

Families often lose a lot of sleep worrying about an older loved one living alone at home. But senior living safety is built into each apartment on many levels. From lever handles on faucets to easy-to-reach switches, thermostats and electrical outlets, to wide doorways, walk-in showers and low-pile carpeting to ease mobility, safety always comes first. At The Birches we understand that getting older presents limitations, so we go the extra mile to meet and exceed expectations so our community members are able to retain their independence and enjoy life to the fullest.  


It may not seem like nourishment is a senior living safety concern but when considering what happens when seniors are malnourished it becomes crystal clear. According to the article, “10 Ways Malnutrition Can Impact Your Health—and 6 Steps to Prevent It,” poor nutrition in older adults is often at fault for undermining safety due to weakened muscles, bones and strength; poor immunity and healing capabilities; and deficiencies that cause poor eyesight, poor cognitive abilities and other debilitating health problems. At The Birches, we not only serve fresh, delicious meals, we continually welcome the input of our members about what they would like added to the menu.  

Rehabilitation and therapy 

When needed, rehabilitation and/or therapies can mean the difference between recovery and becoming bedridden. At The Birches we think it’s important to prioritize senior living safety by bringing these specialized services to our members while coordinating health care with their primary care physicians. Whether it’s physical therapy following an injury, occupational therapy to help get back to normal life or speech therapy to improve communication it’s all available on site. In addition we offer specialized art therapy, music therapy and reminiscence therapy for our members in memory care and engage the services of an onsite geriatric specialist. 

Spotless cleaning services 

Maintaining a clean home can be difficult for seniors which can compromise their safety and security. Members living at The Birches, however, enjoy not only clean community spaces but weekly cleaning of their apartments that covers everything from floors and carpets to windows and blinds to bathrooms and kitchens. Upon request, members can also have their apartments deep cleaned every six months. To further ensure senior living safety we routinely disinfect surfaces throughout the community using R-Zero disinfecting devices, which are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and use powerful UV-C light to destroy more than 99.99% of pathogens.  

Special provisions in memory care 

When the diagnosis is dementia, it’s just a matter of time before serious safety and security problems will arise. But members living in memory care at The Birches enjoy a community that offers senior living safety and security within a space they can feel free to explore. Our Vigil Dementia System uses tag-less monitoring to alert our team to every members’ whereabouts and activities, as well as when they are experiencing behaviors related to anxiety. This system is also customizable so each member can receive the level of monitoring needed to keep them safe and secure day and night. 

The big picture 

Quality of life is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a long, safe and happy life, but it is also one of the hardest to maintain. That’s why at The Birches we embrace the philosophy of empowerment prescribed by education pioneer Dr. Maria Montessori. As a certified Montessori Inspired Lifestyle community and the only Assisted Living Certified Montessori program in Illinois, we emphasize independence and self-fulfillment and help each community member make their own choices, feel valued, and embrace new challenges to the greatest possible extent. In doing so, we prioritize senior living safety by encouraging members to actively participate in life, which strengthens their quality of life, as well as the safety and security of everyone.  

Senior living safety and security requires a comprehensive plan that covers all the contingencies without compromising privacy and dignity. See for yourself the best in assisted living and memory care: contact us today to schedule a tour of our beautiful community.

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