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How Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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How Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life (2)

Living at home may seem comfortable and familiar to many seniors, but over time, quality of life can begin to degrade. Loss of mobility can isolate seniors at home alone, families may struggle to provide all the care needed, nutrition may suffer, and falls and other accidents can cause injuries or worse. Assisted living offers seniors a lifestyle that is not only safe and secure, but active, independent and focused on good health and good times. 

Perfectly tailored care 

In general, families consider assisted living for a loved one when the level of care needed outstrips their capabilities and they cannot keep up. Thankfully, the best assisted living communities provide care that’s perfectly tailored to each resident’s needs and if needed can change over time. Quality of care is promoted in assisted living because of the services caregivers provide — whether it’s help with dressing, mobility, personal hygiene, or medication management — with respect and compassion. For seniors, this means they are not only well cared for day and night, but no longer feel like a burden to family caregivers.   

When it’s time to consider the quality of life in assisted living read our blog, “Determining the Right Time for Assisted Living,” for more expert insights. 

Friendships and fulfillment  

For many seniors, quality life is greatly improved in assisted living. They are no longer isolated and lonely and can avoid some serious mental and physical health risks. According to the article, “Navigating Social Isolation and Loneliness as an Older Adult,” these risks include hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, cognitive decline and dementia, and a 50% increase in risk of death.  

In assisted living, however, members enjoy a sense of community where they can share time and interests with new friends who will quickly become best friends. Assisted living includes a daily calendar of activities, classes, events, and outings that help members feel fulfilled and remain independent. They can also spend time alone reading at home, enjoying a walk outdoors, or connecting with family on a video call. Quality of life in assisted living means the choices are many and members are only alone by choice.  

On-site wellness options 

When a senior needs ongoing therapy, it can be hard on family caregivers who work and have families. At The Birches, however, we take wellness to a higher level by providing on-site rehabilitation and therapy services and a geriatric specialist. This eliminates a lot of running around to appointments and is much more convenient for our members to receive the care they need. In addition, quality of life is bolstered by a variety of exercise classes designed just for seniors to help them build strength and stamina, and increase balance and flexibility. Take an in-depth look at our wellness options in “Your Complete Assisted Living Guide.” 

Food for the body and the soul 

Nutrition is an essential part of quality of life and one that we take very seriously at The Birches. We know that meals aren’t just food, but rather opportunities to socialize in the company of friends and really enjoy outstanding cuisine prepared with seniors in mind. One of the special ways we approach meal preparation is to involve our members in creating our menu options. Any member is welcome to join our Culinary Dining Committee that meets monthly to request old and new favorites and to critique past menu options. Our culinary services team works hard to make meal time exceptional every day by serving fresh and appealing foods that feed the soul as well as the body. 

Prioritizing safety and security - 24/7/365 

Quality of life in assisted living is further supported by the attention paid to safety and security. Unlike living at home, accessibility is built in at The Birches so our members never have to deal with dangerous stairs and steps or doorways and halls that aren’t wide enough. As noted in our blog, “Safety & Security: The Peace of Mind Senior Living Communities Provide,” each apartment is outfitted with a variety of aids including walk-in showers, raised toilets, grab bars, easy-to-reach light switches and outlets, and low pile carpet to improve mobility. Not only do these perks help members live safely, but they also boost independence and autonomy. Of course, around-the-clock security is always on guard throughout the community and our member apartments have large ergonomic keys and deadbolt locks that emphasize personal privacy and dignity.   

See for yourself the best in assisted living and memory care: contact us today to schedule a tour of our beautiful community. 


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