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Understanding the Cost of Assisted Living

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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The costs of assisted living can vary dramatically.

The key to getting a handle on the monthly/annual potential fees is to recognize two primary components impacting that number. One is the type of apartment and the features; the second is the amount and type of services required by a resident.

While monthly fees will cover the basics such as rent, utilities, housekeeping, personal and dining services, and other amenities, it is common for charges to be added for special recreational events, transportation, laundry, advanced personal services, room service, and guest meals.

Because assisted living communities may define and charge differently for ancillary and personal care services, comparing the costs of one community to another can be difficult. As some communities will charge a flat rate for a defined list of personal care services, other facilities' policies may charge a separate fee for each service.

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care believes in being transparent. And that includes transparency in pricing. In keeping with our commitment to authenticity and transparency, we disclose everything not included with rent and our policies on admittance and discharges within our contracts.

What does Birches Assisted Living In Claredon Hills Cost?

3 Questions you need to ask about Assisted Living cost.

To make the best decision for your loved one and your family, here is a list of questions about costs to ask while visiting an assisted living community:

Q: What is covered?

The goal is to determine what precisely is included in the monthly rental fee. Ask about pricing structures, the variables that impact them, and any service plans they offer.

Q: What are the advance or upfront fees?

When signing a commitment, some communities may charge an entrance fee or pass along costs for initial administrative work, a health assessment, or a general community fee.

Q: What is NOT covered?

It is crucial to get a list of any potential ancillary services that could come into play, the cost for those services, and the possibility/frequency of increased costs.

It can be intimidating for any family or caregiver to deal with the potential costs associated with assisted living facilities. The key to making a good decision is determining the base costs and then determining the variable costs associated directly with the resident's needs.

If you have questions about senior living options gives a call at 630-789-1135 or visit our senior resource page for more information.