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The unique challenges of Vascular Dementia care.

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

Birches Assisted Living and Memory Care

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When a loved one is challenged with Vascular Dementia, finding the proper care facility is imperative.

We understand that moving a loved one to a memory care facility can evoke strong emotions, but the positive impact of that decision should never be overlooked. At the Birches, our team is specially trained in caring for residents living with memory loss, which significantly improves a resident's quality of life.

Residents living in a Memory Care community enjoy minimized stress, enhanced support and care, enriching physical activities, a nutritious diet, socialization, which are all part of the advantages of living in a structured, secure environment. 

Residents living in a Memory Care community enjoy enhanced support and care in a customized environment to meet their needs. Team members are specially trained in caring for residents living with memory loss, which significantly improves a resident's quality of life.


Because individuals with vascular dementia may have better recall of things in their daily life when repetition and context are provided, our staff will use simple cues that can help residents with recall and provide more structured and predictable routines. 

Our memory care staff is trained to break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable steps, using simple explanations and directions that make it easier for memory-challenged patients to complete. As vascular dementia progresses, even routines and tasks learned years ago, like brushing teeth or combing hair, may require step-by-step directions.

Maintaining attention and multi-tasking can be very challenging. Knowing our vascular dementia residents may find it easier to complete tasks when they focus on a single activity at a time, we avoid dividing their attention between multiple tasks. Our first goal is to create an environment that is never too noisy or overly busy. 

Our team members always keep residents' dignity top of mind, which is a vital component of the specialized Memory Care training they receive. 

As cognitive changes in our vascular dementia residents occur, changes in personality and mood are also likely to happen. We recognize these changes are not a choice but rather the result of an undesired shift in brain function. Over time our team has developed an approach to best respond and manage these changes.

Offer Patience With Flexibility: A primary directive from our commitment to the Montessori lifestyle is that personality changes and the resulting outbursts are due to brain disease and never directed at the person providing care. 

Determine Behavioral Triggers: Every person and every situation is unique. Our initial goal is to examine each situation and ascertain whether there is a behavioral trigger responsible for the change. By understanding their reaction deeper, we will identify ways to calm them and minimize future disruptions.

Interpreting Distress: We are always mindful that our memory care residents cannot adequately express any distress. Because this includes experiencing pain or discomfort, our team is trained to focus on a resident's behaviors as potential indications of distress.

Prioritizing Safety: Someone with vascular dementia may begin wandering or show signs of aggression. We are always looking for the first signs of these issues because they require immediate intervention. On the other hand, disruptive behaviors, such as repetitive questioning or pacing, require a softer approach to engage our residents in another activity as a distraction.


Our memory care apartments are cozy, private places that can be personalized, where our residents can feel they are at home. In addition, our residents' security is a priority at The Birches.

Whether it's daily resident checks, our 24-hour emergency response system, or our unique Vigil Memory Care System, all memory care residents and their families can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure.

Daily Checks: At Birches Memory Care, all residents are checked every two hours on a 24/7 basis.

24-Hour Response System: We provide each resident with a pendant to ensure our team can respond 24 hours a day if something should happen. Our team members are always prepared, regularly participating in safety drills and training in administering CPR, Heimlich maneuver, and EpiPen for food allergies.

Vigil Memory Care System: Because memory care residents may be unable to call for help when they need it, and wearable devices that require frequent charging are often ineffective, we offer this award-winning memory care system. Our emergency software system checks in with each wireless device (pendant, bathroom button, bed sensor, door sensor, etc.) twice a day to ensure they are active and capable of reporting.

Our Vascular Dementia Care Facility, we combine our unique Montessori-inspired philosophy with decades of experience and compassionate care to create a feeling of independence and provide our residents with the opportunity to pursue the best life possible. 

To learn more about how our memory care professionals can make a difference in your loved one's life, give us a call at 630-789-1135 or schedule a community tour.


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